Challenges you face with lead process flow management.

How do we use Ideolve to manage leads effectively?

When we reviewed how limiting the use of our CRM, email and phones were becoming to enable collaborative problem solving and help manage leads effectively, we turned towards our own team collaboration platform, Ideolve.

We built an integration with email to support form data ingestion from virtually any form platform. All solutions that support web forms, including the likes of google forms, can collate and send the form data as an email to a predefined email id.

We leveraged this core capability of web form tools like contact forms, google forms, jot forms, and many more to send the form data as an email, which we receive in ideolve and create a note for that based on some rules.

Ideolve is now a web form submission management tool that helps you collaborate with others to respond quickly. It allows you to share form submissions with others to get help with responding to them. It also lets you track who is working on each submission, so you can stay organized.
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Ideolve Setup
1. Setup


You must set up your web form to send an email when the user clicks on submit. This email will be beside the other integrations already present in the form. We do not disturb those; instead, simply add the email sent.

This email is sent to a predefined id on, which will receive it and automatically create a note in a specified workspace and share it with pre-configured teammates.

Learn more about how to set up email listeners in Ideolve to receive leads via email and automate the note creation.
Lead fills your web form
2. Lead fills your web form

Lead fills your web form

When a lead/person fills your web form, the form tool will collate the form data and send it as an email to the email listener's email id on ideolve.

Based on the email listener configurations, Ideolve will convert the email into a fresh note in the designated workspace and automatically share this with specified team members.

Each team member will be alerted that a new lead has been created.
Our cross-platform teams converse around the lead's requirement
3. Our cross-platform teams converse around the lead's requirement

Our cross-platform teams converse around the lead's requirement

The sales team member may initiate the response and update the status as a comment on the Ideolve note. If more or deeper help is required from cross-functional teams, such as answering a technical question or deciding on a special offer, the sales team member can call out the required help using the mentions. feature of Ideolve.

Each person involved has access to the entire context and can respond with their recommendations to resolve the query in high quality and rapidly.

This ability to access the entire context without needing a low down or briefing drives efficiency and speed.
Build repeatability
4. Build repeatability

Build repeatability

Once the lead's query has been effectively resolved, the same Ideolve note can be shared with the content/marketing team to review and update the website content to improve the visitors' ability to self-serve, further improving the CX.

The notes can be tagged to classify the type of issue for easy categorization.

The information may lead to a few FAQs or a video, blog, landing page idea, and more.
Overcome these Challenges with Ideolve.

What we gained from this improved process flow management

Improved Digital Presence

The captured lead conversation feeds into the product and marketing innovation and documentation updates to improve the UX/CX and promote self-serve to drive up the ease of doing business with us.

Cost saving

Only the sales team directly communicating with the customer have CRM accounts. The rest of the team can collaborate with the agents without needing CRM accounts, leading to significant cost savings.

Faster Responses

Having all the information in one place helps the cross-functional teams quickly understand the issue's context and post their response rapidly, without much oversight and follow-up.
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