Challenges faced by our support staff while handling customer complaints

At Mithi, our 24/7 frontline L1 support staff manages customer query resolution using a support ticket management system built on the Freshdesk platform.

Customers log their queries and issues via the Mithi Customer Account portal. Our agents review these tickets and respond with documents and steps to help resolve the customers' problems.

However, for some issues, the frontline agents need to seek help from experts within Mithi to conduct a prompt and quality solution.

Also, our experts, who form the backend team, do not have Freshdesk accounts, so any communication with them had to be offline.

Co-ordinating this process flow management between the L1 staff and experts using email, chat, or verbal communication was creating delays and information fragmentation resulting in inadequate low-quality responses.

This system was not scaling.
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How we use Ideolve to scale collaborative problem solving, thereby effectively resolving customer complaints.

The idea of using Ideolve

Ideolve is a team collaboration tool we have used successfully at Mithi to enhance collaborative problem-solving in a significant way. Most of our discussions, pre-meeting preparations, workouts, and more are all done via Ideolve. We barely use email internally and have seen a drop of up to 90% in email traffic.

When we looked at the challenges faced in support ticket management, we felt Ideolve could plug the gaps to bring speed and completeness into the process by sharing information and context about the problem with the experts and recording their comments and feedback centrally..

The Freshdesk Integration ended up delighting customers with timely and quality support

Our customer initiates this flow by creating a ticket from their Mithi Customer Account portal. This ticket is made in the Freshdesk platform and queues it up for our agents.

Ideolve's Freshdesk integration captures the ticket contents into an Ideolve Note and automatically shares this note with the relevant frontline staff.

Each ticket in Freshdesk has a related note in Ideolve.

The agent-customer conversation happens over the ticket, which syncs to the corresponding Ideolve note as a record.

These records will serve as a ready, easy-to-digest context for the experts when they receive an escalated issue.

The Ideolve note records the expert's queries and advice as comments, and the agents can refer to those for communicating with the customer.

Using ideolve helped us access internal experts asynchronously, record their comments for future forensics, and help update and maintain the knowledge base for easy access by customers and agents.

Our ticket flow - is made more accessible and more collaborative.

Set up the Ideolve Freshdesk integration for handling customer complaints

Our Freshdesk account maps to a workspace in Ideolve with the L1 agents and experts as team members. Learn more.

Receive a request for help from the customer.

  • Our customers log into their Mithi account portal to see a variety of apps that help them manage subscriptions, review usage and invoices, pay bills, and request help.
  • Their query or request for help by the customer comes via a new ticket in the Freshdesk platform.
Receive a request for help from the customer

Create a Ideolve Note using Webhooks

  • This process also creates a note in Ideolve corresponding to the ticket using webhooks.
  • The integration maintains the link between the ticket and the corresponding note.
Create a Ideolve Note using Webhooks

Our Agents and Customers converse around the issue

  • The ticket captures the conversation between our agents and the customer. This communication is also recorded in the corresponding Ideolve note as comments.
  • Thus the Ideolve notes corresponding to the tickets automatically become a complete record of each conversation with the customer.
Our Agents and Customers converse around the issue

The agent needs to escalate to an expert

  • For escalating a ticket to an internal expert, the agent will change the ticket status to "Escalate to expert."
  • This status change does two things:
  • one, it updates the Ideolve note's subject, adds a comment, and automatically shares the note with a group of experts who are preassigned to this workspace (during onboarding).
  • Second, it lets the customer know that the team is working on the issue and its been moved to an escalation point.
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Expert works on the issue.

  • The experts receive a notification that an issue needs their attention. They log in to Ideolve, access the note, study the issue history via the comments and share their response as a comment.
  • They may choose to ask more questions to the Agent or share specific data files as attachments.
  • Sometimes the situation may require that the expert directly corresponds with the customer in the interest of efficiency. This can be done via the comment in Ideolve to post a response to the customer.
  • Internal team members' comments posted on the Ideolve note are also updated on the corresponding ticket in Freshdesk.
  • The entire data flow in this customer ticket management system is a two-way street.
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Expert works on the issue

Resolve the issue

  • The agent can now co-ordinate with the customer to confirm that the responses have helped resolve the queries and problems. Once this is established, the ticket can be closed.

Update the knowledge base to build re-usability for rapid resolutions in future

  • A documentation team now reviews each closed ticket via Ideolve by studying the conversations between the agents, customers, and experts.
  • The notes can be tagged to classify the type of issue for easy categorization.
  • This helps map out changes in the product, documentation, or processes to prevent such incidents in the future.
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Resolve the issue
Overcome these Challenges with Ideolve.

What we gained from this improved process flow management

Positive feedback look

The captured conversation feeds into the product innovation and documentation updates to improve the UX and reduce incidents of this type.

Cost saving

Only the frontline agents directly communicating with the customer have Freshdesk accounts. The rest of the team can collaborate with the agents without needing Freshdesk accounts, leading to significant cost savings.

Faster decisions

Having all the information in one place helps the experts quickly understand the issue's context and post their response rapidly, without much oversight and follow-up.
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