Add Collaborative Power to your Process Flow and Exception management workflows.

Centralize documents, record conversations, and bring teams together on your critical business processes. Gain quality and speed from the enhanced visibility and control.
Improve Hiring Quality with better collaborative task management amongst selectors

To improve shortlisting quality, candidates fill up a Google Form with preliminary information and their resume.

Ideolve’s Zapier integration with Google form captures the candidate’s response into a Note and automatically shares this with the HR and cross-functional selection team members.

As the selection process unfolds, each team member may reference other members for a specific action, record their observations, and share recommendations in a single site for a prompt, more-informed hiring decision.

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Google Form Connector from Zapier -Ideolve

Freshdesk Connector -Ideolve
Delight Customers with Timely, High-Quality Support.

Frontline agents using Freshdesk for customer support often need to consult with backend, product, or senior team members, who are not Freshdesk users.

Ideolve’s Freshdesk integration captures a ticket as a note in a customer support workspace where other organization members can share their knowledge to resolve the question in quality and time.

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Enhance Compliance Postures

Enterprises using Vaultastic for corporate compliance need to share data with internal and external auditors for reviews and other actions.

Ideolve’s Vaultastic connecter creates a case management tool within Vaultastic.

Compliance violations found during audits can now be privately and securely shared via this exception management tool with relevant audit teams to collaborate on the review and remedial action.

Ensure corporate compliance using the Vaultastic Connector

Manage web form submissions to improve process flow management
Manage web form submissions to improve process flow management
Web Forms
Manage web form submissions to improve process flow management

Traditionally web form data is captured in the CRM or spreadsheets. However, there is no easy way to share this information selectively and get inputs from diverse teams.

Ideolve's web form integration creates a note with the form data and shares it automatically with a predefined set of people. Add more people if you like.

The teams can now collaborate on the information to help respond to the input rapidly and in quality. It also lets you track who works on each submission to stay organized.

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Bring groups together to power your collaborative problem-solving abilities.

Smoothen cross-department process flow management with Ideolve’s asynchronous and contextual collaboration tools.

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  • 1. Does Ideolve work only with Google Forms for improving the hiring process?

    Ideolve uses Zapier and APIs to integrate with other business applications. While the widespread use for this workflow is with Google Forms, Ideolve can also connect to other form tools. Learn more. Can’t find your integration? Contact us and share your requirement with us. We are eager to help find a solution for you.

  • 2. All my customer support team members are on our FreshDesk account? How will the Ideolve integration with FreshDesk improve my exception management workflow?

    While all your frontline agents may have FreshDesk accounts, it is unlikely that your backend team members, product development folks, or senior staff have FreshDesk accounts. 

    However, for speedy and quality resolution of issues, you may need to refer to experts outside your customer support team. Traditionally this is done using emails, chat, or phone calls, and starts by sharing background and context about the issue, which is ineffective and inefficient and can cause disturbance to the other teammates.

    The Ideolve FreshDesk integration creates a note corresponding to each ticket and captures all communications via FreshDesk in this note. When you invite external team members to help, they get an up-to-date context by simply reviewing the Ideolve note and related comments on the issue. They can now offer their help without any back and forth exchange of information.

    Thus Ideolve enables contextual, asynchronous, non-intrusive communication between your customer support and backend teams to effectively leverage their expertise for rapid ticket resolution.