Top Functions of Ideolve

Bring your team together into a shared workspace

Share Notes with teammates to collaborate on tasks

Manage Multiple initiatives and tasks with ease

Integrated with business applications to manage workflows

How Ideolve Works

Organise your work using Workspaces, Notes & Tags. Collaborate using Comments, Mentions & Taps. Search for data using Tags, Authors or Keywords


Use workspace to organise your teams and collaborate around an area of work.


Organise your ideas & information on a task or initiative in Notes within shared or Private Workspaces.

Sharing notes & Publishing Notes

Organise Notes and Comments using Shared and Private tags for yourself and the team.

Private and Shared Tags

Share notes with people you wish to collaborate with inside and outside the organisation. Publish notes to Freely share them.

Comments and Replies

Collaborate with your team via comments and replies to converse and exchange information.

Mentions & Taps

Use Mentions and Taps to bring urgent attention of teammates to a piece of information.


Use various views to locate information across workspaces.

Search Notes & Comments

Search for Notes and Comments using combinations of Keywords and Tags

Activity Window & Search Note

Locate activity and information within notes using the activity history and local search

Ideolve Web-App

Idelveo UX to manage both Admin and Self-Service tasks

Ready to evaluate Ideolve?

Ideolve Mobile Application

Ideolve UX to manage both Admin and Self-Service tasks

Get Started with Ideolve

Getting started with Ideolve is easy. You will be up and running in just 3 simple steps!

Get Started with Ideolve
  • Sign up
  • Create a workspace in minutes.
  • Invite your colleagues
  • Collaborate on key processes and share critical data with your team members
  • Create & share notes for topics under discussion
  • Manage your critical projects and processes using information sharing & collaboration

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