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  • 1. How is Ideolve different from a enterprise social software?

    Enterprise social software is yet another way to communicate with your co-workers. To keep them up-to-date with latest events and happenings. To broad cast information.

    Ideolve is used to ideate, design, strategise, plan etc. And while doing so, you create a wealth of knowledge that can be used as reference in the future adding to the effectiveness of the team.

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  • 2. How can I use Ideolve with the CRM software?

    Ideolve can be a ideal companion software for a CRM. Whereas a CRM will hold the customer contact and the workflow to convert a contact to a customer, Ideolve can be used to discuss ideas, strategies and plans to work with customers. With Ideolve it is easy to share best practices, market intelligence and knowledge gained from working with customers.

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  • 3. How can I use Ideolve with a project management software?

    The use of a project management tool usually starts after the plan has been worked out and has been broken down into tasks for project execution.

    But the discussions, ideation and brain storming prior to the project execution is often stored in bits and pieces in email, messages and documents.

    Ideolve will help you have all this information in a central place, making it easy to build and refine your project plans.

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