June 21, 2017

How does Ideolve work?

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In Ideolve it all starts with a workspace. A workspace has notes. Notes are made of rich text content and can be around a topic, idea or project. Anything that needs to be worked upon or recorded. You can attach documents to a note. Notes can be classified by attaching one or more Tags. This helps in quickly classifying the notes. Since a single note can be tagged with one or more tags, you can share information across topics.

To collaborate around an idea, you share a note with one or more users who are team members of your workspace or outside your workspace. Sharing a note with a person outside your workspace allows her to view the notes and comments. Sharing a note with a team member allows her to comment on the note. The comment itself has rich content and can also have attachments. The person can also attach her own tags to the shared notes.

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