June 21, 2017

I have email. Why do I need Ideolve?

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Email is a great communication tool. Especially with the outside world. It is also the most popular way in which documents are exchanged. However, though used extensively for collaboration over ideas, projects and decision making, it is not the best of tools for these uses.

Ideolve has the following advantages when it comes to ideation, collaboration and knowledge sharing:

While, Email is a contact-centric application, Ideolve is topic or idea-centric. Discussions around ideas, concepts and projects are central, teams are dynamic.

Though ubiquitous, email is riddled with problems such as spam, duplication of information, unreadable trial mail, no easy way to share history etc.

Ideolve solves these problems improving the internal efficiencies and enabling quick decision making, easier knowledge management and sharing.

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