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  • 1. I have an email solution, why do I need Ideolve?

    Email is a great communication tool, especially for talking with the outside world.

    It is also the most popular way that users exchange documents. However, though used extensively for collaboration over ideas, projects, and decision making, it is not the best of tools for these uses.

    Ideolve has the following advantages when it comes to ideation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing:

    1. While email is a contact-centric application, Ideolve is topic or idea-centric. Discussions around ideas, concepts, and projects are central; teams are dynamic.

    2. Though ubiquitous, problems such as spam, duplication of information, unreadable trial mail, no easy way to share history, and more, plague email solutions.

    3. Ideolve solves these problems improving the internal efficiencies and enabling quick decision making, easier knowledge management, and sharing.

  • 2. How is Ideolve different from a cloud file store?

    Ideolve and Cloud file store Apps like Dropbox and Drive are ideal for uploading documents, with some apps providing collaborative creation and editing of the document content.

    Documents are an outcome of a discussion as a way to record or to lay out a plan, strategy, or idea.

    So, where are the underlying discussion and conversations stored? Are they available for future reference?

    Ideolve helps you do just that. It can keep both the documents and the conversations around it in a single place.

  • 3. I have a messaging and communication solution, why do I need Ideolve?

    Messaging solutions allow smooth communications and document sharing.

    But messaging systems are people-centric. These systems organize a group of people.

    Ideolve flips this, making the topic, issue, or idea central to the conversation.

    Teams collaborating around an idea or issue can be dynamic. Ideolve is not just for communications; it is a powerful tool for collaboration.

  • 4. How is Ideolve different from an enterprise social software?

    Enterprise social software is yet another way to communicate with your co-workers. To keep them up-to-date with the latest events and happenings, to broadcast information.

    Ideolve is used to ideate, design, strategize, plan, and more. In effect, you create a wealth of knowledge for reference in the future, adding to the effectiveness of the team.

  • 5. What is Ideolve?

    Hundreds of messages and bits of information and ideas come to you every day.

    How do you make sense of it all?

    How do you organize these to make the most of it?

    How do you build on it?

    Ideolve is a new collaboration environment designed to make an otherwise complicated task of managing and collaborating on ideas and initiatives, easy.

    Create, Capture, Classify, Collate, Communicate, and Collaborate on ideas and information using Ideolve and bring more effectiveness to your work.

  • 6. How does Ideolve work?

    In Ideolve, it all starts with a workspace.

    A workspace has several Notes.

    Notes are made of rich text content and can contain content around a topic, idea, or project or anything that needs to be worked upon or recorded. You can attach documents to a note.

    Notes get classified by attaching one or more Tags. You can share information across topics by attaching multiple tags to a single note.

    To collaborate around an idea, you share a note with one or more users who are team members of your workspace or outside your workspace. Sharing a note with a person outside your workspace allows her to view the notes and comments. Sharing a note with an internal team member allows her to comment on the note.

    The comment itself has rich content and can also have attachments. The person can also attach her tags to the shared notes.

  • 7. What are the top benefits of Ideolve?

    Ideolve can help:

    1. Reduce internal mail traffic to less than half.

    2. Reduce time spent in decision making and ideation.

    3. Build up your team-wide knowledge base without any modifications to any existing systems.

    4. Share data and information across projects.

    5. Secure data and information.

  • 1. How do I provide my feedback?

    Simply write a mail to support@ideolve.com

  • 2. Will I get support for the free version?

    Yes email support will be available. For queries and suggestions, write to support@ideolve.com.

  • 3. Will my data be secure?

    Secure AWS data centers host the Ideolve platform.

    Besides, Mithi and some of its associates have been using Ideolve internally for over a year. Thus, we have addressed issues related to data security, availability, and durability. This reliability means that your data is secure.

  • 4. Is my data private?

    Yes. Any data uploaded on Ideolve is encrypted and secured. We do not use or access data uploaded by you.