Testing a New App or Product? Get your entire organisation involved!

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Testing a New App or Product? Get your entire organisation involved!

We are always looking at introducing new and improving existing products to make life easier for our customers.
We also believe in testing out the products ourselves in a live environment, before introducing them commercially. Often several rounds of iteration take place before a product is finally ready to be launched. And what better way to test out a product, than to have it be used by all the organisations stakeholders.

Collecting feedback however on these new products can be cumbersome and a laborious process. People have different ways of communicating information, for example, over email, word of mouth, chat messaging apps etc. This can make it difficult to efficiently track all the feedback and can often slow down the product amendment process.

How Ideolve can help overcome this challenge

Ideolve is a collaboration app, that helps in organizing tasks and collating feedback more efficiently. At Mithi Software, we have opened different workspaces for different products. These workspaces are shared with the entire organisation.
As the employees start using the new products in their environment, they can start posting feedback via comments. This includes any issues that they may be facing in the app, or any improvements they would like to see.
The developers can keep everyone up to speed, using the main note, by posting the enhancements and updates that have taken place. Maybe there is a new feature in the app that needs to be tested out, or a previous issue has been settled.

Benefits of this method:

  1. Every employee in the organisation is briefed and aware of what products are in the pipeline and how to use them
  2. Any comments are strictly reserved for the note, preventing the splintering of information, and speeding up the process of product improvements
  3. The note activity function allows quick and easy reference to particular comments
  4. This method of testing and feedback also helps in creating a more inclusive culture in the organisation, which boosts moral and brings about a sense of unity and purpose towards achieving a common goal

We would love to hear how you use Ideolve to boost your organisations productivity.
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