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Make Virtual Team Collaboration Easy with Ideolve

With the advent of technology, it is getting only easier for teams to collaborate without needing to meet face to face. With the world craving for flexibility, it is no wonder that virtual working has taken shape and is getting more popular day by day. Virtual teams can be more cohesive, effective and engaging.

Research shows that virtual team members are more productive and motivated than those sitting in an office space. According to a report by Aon Consulting working with a virtual team improved employee productivity by up to 43%.

Keeping this in mind, it is important to adopt the right collaboration tool and environment, in order to continue a productive working relationship with your virtual teams and avoid malfunctions.

This is where Ideolve can help!

Organised Notes

With Ideolve, teams can create notes and invite teams from different organisations to collaborate on a particular project in a single space. For example, your organisation can work with an external marketing agency or a content firm, using Ideolve as the central tool to review and discuss ideas around a particular blog.

Easy File Sharing

Ideolve allows users to upload various files, that can either be downloaded by the other users or quickly viewed on the platform itself. This allows quicker review and feedback on projects, resulting in a productivity boost.

Track Conversations

The activity note function in Ideolve, allows users who may be newly added to a note, to search and track specific instructions, questions, through the conversation thread, in order to catch up and start adding to the conversation.

Accessibility on the go

With the Ideolve Mobile app in place, users can easily and efficiently update and upload documents or add comments when they are on the go.

Benefits of working with a Virtual Team

Hire for Quality

With Virtual teams, organisations are no longer restricted to geographical boundaries, and can hire talent with the right expertise and quality as per the organisations requirement. This can be especially beneficial when a company may need to have its presence in a particular country without necessarily needing a physical presence in the same location.

Cost Effective

By having the team in a virtual location, the company saves cost on any office infrastructure, supplies, travel expense etc

Fewer Unnecessary Meetings

Working with virtual teams, rids the organisation from having impromptu face to face meetings that are often not productive and can end up wasting time. Instead, collaborating and planning a meeting over a space like Ideolve can help in setting the Agenda for a meeting at a scheduled and convenient time.

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