Maximize Your Sales Team’s Productivity With Ideolve App

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Maximize Your Sales Team’s Productivity With Ideolve App

Sales tactics have been evolving over the past few years. According to Hubspot, the top ways to create a positive sales experience for buyers are:

  1. Listen to their needs (69%)

  2. Don’t be pushy (61%)

  3. Provide relevant information (61%)

  4. Respond in a timely manner (51%)

An important part of sales today is their ability to gather and analyze relevant data to address all the points above (except point 2). What really helps improve the productivity of the sales team and boost customer experience is high-quality, customer-focused information that is readily available.

In this article, we have shared how Mithi Software has been able to leverage Ideolve's capability to gather, organize and share information in an easy fashion to drive positive sales experience for prospects and customers.

Listening to customers' needs

Mithi Software, being a customer-oriented organization, is all ears to customer's needs and queries ranging from sales, support, product, cloud technology, suitability and other unique queries.

Prior to using Ideolve, the sales reps would often have to email or chat with the respective departments to gather relevant information. The information would remain scattered, and not easily accessible. Moreover, in absence of a central repository of this information, everytime a similar query arose, the sales reps would have to hunt the information in their email or diary or notes.
Ideolve makes it easy to take down such queries as Notes. They can include the right team members to seek inputs for their queries within the same note. This creates a rich repository of queries, which the sales reps can refer to instantly during discussions with the customer.

Providing on-demand, relevant information

Competitor and market analysis is a crucial and ongoing assessment for determining strengths and weaknesses of competitors. This analysis helps draw up both offensive and defensive strategies to leverage opportunities and mitigate threats.
Before Ideolve, information about the competition and the market in terms of product features, pricing, location, cost of ownership, etc would be collected in multiple documents spread across emails. This made it difficult for the sales team to search and identify the right information to be provided to the customer.

Using Ideolve, Mithi floated a Note to keep any competition and market information around their products. The participating members in the note keep adding information around competitor products, features, pricing, via comments for future reference.

This helps in keeping all the information around products in a single place. In addition, it also helps sales rep easily search through relevant information, as per the requirement or need of the customer.

Responding in a timely manner, using Ideolve App

With all the information readily available on Ideolve, Mithi's sales reps have been able to answer customer queries in a timely manner. Ideolve's Mobile App adds another level of productivity benefit to sales teams. When on-the-field sales reps get a call from a customer with a particular query, they can simply access the relevant information on the Ideolve Mobile App and respond to the customer in a timely manner.

Why not try Ideolve for your own Sales Team?

We would love to hear your feedback on how you use the product to create a positive sales experience for your customers.

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