How to Streamline Your Web Design Projects Using Ideolve

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How to Streamline Your Web Design Projects Using Ideolve


In today’s digital-driven world, your website is the most important marketing tool, helping you attract, engage and convert your audience through well-defined user experience design, content, CTAs on various devices such as a laptop, tablet or mobile. For an e-commerce business, the website often is the only point of contact for all online transactions, thereby forming the heart of the organization.

The reality behind the final webpages

It takes effort and time of numerous team members from various business units such as marketing, design, development etc to get a fruitful outcome and fast!
Often it can be quite stressful, when it comes to co-ordinating with the different business units involved in the tedious project of website design and redesign.
Usually all this to and fro communication happens over email or through face-to-face meetings, with no tracking system in place to make sure all teams are on the same page. There is a chance of information being lost in the thread of emails, or forgotten when discussed in a face-to-face meeting.

How Ideolve can help minimize back and forth emailing for cleaner and faster web design/ redesign

1. Faster Cross Team Collaboration

Marketing Strategist, Content Specialist, UX/UI Designer and Web Developers can all work together on one note. This helps in better team collaboration that is transparent. There is no loss of information, that could happen when sending emails back and forth with the various mock-ups.

2. Conversation Trail

In web design, all teams are not required to be present at once. For example, initially, the marketing strategist and content specialist may collaborate together on the content and persona of the website. Once this is in place, the design team can be invited to the note, after which the development team can join when it is time to develop the site. This sequence prevents all the teams from getting alerts they may not be needed for (which can happen if all teams are in one mailing list). However, being a consolidated note, it is also possible for the newly added participants to easily search and view the previous conversations, in case they want more context.

3. Easy to Redesign

If a page needs to be redesigned, the team in concern can simply access the note, using the tag function and continue the thread. This way each page has a separate note, with no mix up and all conversations surrounding one page in a neat and easy to access manner.

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