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How to manage your company webinars with Ideolve

Webinars are a powerful and widely used tool, to engage audiences and communicate information. With people often working remotely, webinars provide a good channel for delivering value, and connecting with people across the globe.

For B2B companies especially, hosting webinars can prove to be an effective tool for pushing prospects further down the sales funnel, as well as retaining existing customers. Webinars are useful to nurture prospects, drive leads, educate and build trust with consumers.

According to the DemandGen Report – 2017, 79 percent of buyers are most willing to register for and share information about themselves in exchange for a webinar.

Organizing a webinar however is a cumbersome and collective effort. The planning of a webinar can include the marketing, sales and design team. In addition, joint webinars involve the addition of people from other organisations.

With information floating and being exchanged through various mediums such as email, phone, messenger, often chaos ensues and time is lost in collecting and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Now, you can manage webinars more efficiently over a single platform with Ideolve. Right from brainstorming, creating content, presentations and collaborating with external organisations.

Let’s show you how:

Brainstorming Ideas

With a single note created per webinar, all the added users can discuss, add topic ideas and the type of creative copy required such as the webinar landing page, invitation mailer etc. Upload a webinar checklist in the main note, to help with the planning of the webinar. Update this checklist as and when required.

Preparing the presentation

Add the design team to the note to discuss the layout and design of the slides. Upload slide content for the slide effortlessly, by adding an attachment to a comment. Viewing attachments on Ideolve is also easier. There is no longer a need to download every file. Simply click on the title of the attached file to get a preview of the content and changes made. This function makes it faster to give feedback on the slide deck.

Collaborating with external organisations

Companies often host joint webinars which requires co-ordination with external organisations for content creation. Ideolve allows collaboration not only with members within your organisation but also with external people. Invite your webinar co-hosts to the note in order to collaborate and be up to speed with the progress of the webinar planning.

After the webinar, any attendee reports, webinar recordings etc can be uploaded to the same note. This helps to keep a repository of the webinars, which can be easily searched for in the future with the help of tags.

With all the information exchange in a single place, webinar planning is no longer a tangled web of different conversations over different channels.

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