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Often times teams within organisations prefer to have conversations or collaborate on projects on a tool such as Ideolve in order to avoid the chaos that could occur with multiple email threads.

These conversations can range from anything such as a company recreational activity, to discussions around product design, blog content or a business proposal.

With the ability to share notes with users from outside your organisation, you can collaborate deeper with experts from within a certain industry, for example, a company certification agency, blog writers, a marketing agency etc and have all the conversations recorded in a single note.

An interesting feature of the Ideolve notes, is the ability to export the entire note to a local file store as a way to store and keep a copy of the note.

So what are the benefits of exporting notes from Ideolve?

Let’s answer this question with a couple of scenario’s
Scenario A: Your company has decided to carry out a company certification. In order to do this, you hire an outside agency, to carry out the process. Instead of speaking over back and forth mails, you invite the representatives from the certification company to join Ideolve, so that it is easier to track conversations, and send files.
You may want to have a copy of the conversation and all the files available on your local file store. By exporting the said note, all the files and attachments within that note get automatically downloaded. There is no need to download each file individually.

Scenario B: You are creating a business proposal with your internal team, for a project that is coming up. In order to formulate the document, you choose to work on Ideolve. This allows all the users involved, to pitch their ideas and help in building the final proposal.
You can now export the same Ideolve note, so as to keep a track of the process document, which you can access even when you are offline. Maybe there is a valuable piece of conversation you want to refer to during a meeting or you want to quickly mail a file from within the note to a client.

Using the export function:

To being with, head over to the top right corner of the note and click on the menu bar.


Next, select the export option, to being the process.


Once the note is ready to be downloaded, click on the download option. Alternatively,you can click on 'x' to discard the export.


We hope that you enjoyed this blog. Do let us know how you use the export feature, we would love to hear from you!

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