New on Ideolve: Get instant address book access with the Ldap Connector

Ideolve now integrates with Ldap. System administrators can configure this connector to enable users to easily fetch contacts from their address book using the Ldap protocol. What is the benefit of using this connector?  Let’s say, you want to collaborate with your existing team members within the company or with users outside who are not[…]

New on Ideolve: Assign user roles to manage note responsibilities

The latest update on Ideolve now allows note owners to assign roles to the users of a note. This new feature helps delegate responsibilities, giving varying degrees of permission and access. The new roles available are as follows: Assigning roles can help distribute the responsibility among several users for adding or deleting users and publishing[…]

New in Ideolve: Create distribution lists for efficient workspace management

Ideolve – The team collaboration tool from Mithi helps customers perform deeper and more focused ideation on projects and initiatives with their teams. With all the information in a single note, users have to no longer worry about maneuvering through convoluted threads of email. With this latest update, Ideolve makes it easier and simpler to[…]

Ideolve Now allows you to Access a Note directly from Email without sign in

Greetings from Mithi! Ideolve, an online tool designed to un-complicate team collaboration, is on a continuous development path with enhancements rolled out almost every day. These developments are aimed at maximizing your productivity and enhancing your Ideolve experience. We have started these weekly blog posts (every Wednesday) to keep you updated on the latest developments,[…]