3 ways an Ideolve Note can increase your Team’s Productivity

In Today’s fast paced, always on world, there is a need for a solution, to de-clutter and help organize conversations, for better and deeper collaboration. Research shows that people are moving further away from email and taking to collaborative tools such as Ideolve, for more meaningful and in depth discussion around a particular topic. According[…]

How to manage your company webinars with Ideolve

Webinars are a powerful and widely used tool, to engage audiences and communicate information. With people often working remotely, webinars provide a good channel for delivering value, and connecting with people across the globe. For B2B companies especially, hosting webinars can prove to be an effective tool for pushing prospects further down the sales funnel,[…]

New on Ideolve: Get instant address book access with the Ldap Connector

Ideolve now integrates with Ldap. System administrators can configure this connector to enable users to easily fetch contacts from their address book using the Ldap protocol. What is the benefit of using this connector?  Let’s say, you want to collaborate with your existing team members within the company or with users outside who are not[…]