New on Ideolve: Assign user roles to manage note responsibilities

The latest update on Ideolve now allows note owners to assign roles to the users of a note. This new feature helps delegate responsibilities, giving varying degrees of permission and access. The new roles available are as follows: Assigning roles can help distribute the responsibility among several users for adding or deleting users and publishing[…]

New in Ideolve: Create distribution lists for efficient workspace management

Ideolve – The team collaboration tool from Mithi helps customers perform deeper and more focused ideation on projects and initiatives with their teams. With all the information in a single note, users have to no longer worry about maneuvering through convoluted threads of email. With this latest update, Ideolve makes it easier and simpler to[…]

How to Streamline Your Web Design Projects Using Ideolve

In today’s digital-driven world, your website is the most important marketing tool, helping you attract, engage and convert your audience through well-defined user experience design, content, CTAs on various devices such as a laptop, tablet or mobile. For an e-commerce business, the website often is the only point of contact for all online transactions, thereby[…]