Top Use Case with Vaultastic

Compliance Activity Management
Compliance violations discovered during audits can be uploaded to Ideolve and shared automatically with the relevant audit teams to collaborate on assessment and remedial action
Discovery and Reuse of Digital Assets
Digital Assets discovered from archives can be shared with team members for reuse, reference and repurposing enabling productivity gains and continuous improvements
Supervision, OverSight, and Continuity of Activities
Exceptions and escalations encountered during the regular flow of work or during supervisory audits, can be uploaded and shared with teams tasked with responding to and resolving them

How Ideolve Works

Use workspace to organise your teams and collaborate around an area of work.
Organise your ideas & information on a task or initiative in Notes within shared or Private Workspaces.
Sharing notes & Publishing Notes
Organise Notes and Comments using Shared and Private tags for yourself and the team.
Private and Shared Tags
Share notes with people you wish to collaborate with inside and outside the organisation. Publish notes to Freely share them.
Comments and Replies
Collaborate with your team via comments and replies to converse and exchange information.
Mentions & Taps
Use Mentions and Taps to bring urgent attention of teammates to a piece of information.
Use various views to locate information across workspaces.
Search Notes & Comments
Search for Notes and Comments using combinations of Keywords and Tags
Activity Window & Search Note
Locate activity and information within notes using the activity history and local search

Ideolve Business Benefits

Faster Problem Resolutions & Response
With your whole team on the same page in Ideolve, team responses are faster and more effective.
Fewer & Shorter Meetings
Gathering and sharing information over Ideolve can help you reduce both the number and duration of meetings.
Faster Exchange of Knowledge & Learning
Ideolve helps in co-development of ideas and plans, creating knowledge and enabling learning at a faster pace.
Continuous Improvements
The knowledge base create via team conversation in Ideolve act as future references for improvements
Effective Cross-Functional Collaboration
Information can be easily shared across teams enabling cross-functional team collaboration.
Creating a Knowledge Repository
In Ideolve it is easy to tag pieces of information for classification and organisation for easy future reference
Uncluttered Mailboxes
With team collaboration moving to Ideolve there is up to 90% drop in internal email messages.
Team Engagement
Ideolve provides an easier way to collaborate helping build deeper team engagement.

What Ideolve Integrates with

What Ideolve Integrates with
Build workflows by connecting Apps via Zapier to Ideolve. Zero code integration with 100s of Apps.
Automatically initiate a response request on Ideolve on occurrence of events in your business app
Share responses on GoogleForms with teams for their action
Escalate unresolved support issues to Product Management teams for remedies.
Zoho CRM
Trigger a team collaboration request on Ideolve for a customer engagement.
Share and collaborate over Discoverd Digital Assets and Actionable information.
Share Actionable Business Communication with Respons Teams
Microsoft 365
Share Actionable Business Communication with Respons Teams
Share Actionable Business Communication with Respons Teams
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What Ideolve can do for you

Problem Resolution
Teams can share problems through a note and invite other members to suggest ideas or solutions. The experiments and final resolutions themselves can then be kept as a future reference.
Problem Resolution -Ideolve
Brain Storming
Face-to-face meetings for brainstorming can sometimes be ineffective or impractical. With Ideolve you can share a new idea as a note and have members contribute by adding comments. This way the entire team is always up to date and meetings can be held with maximum efficiency.
Product Design
Design documents usually start with a simple requirement coming from the customer or an insight from a team member. From here to the final design and delivery is a process of intensive collaboration. Use Ideolve to exchange different artefacts, reviews, suggestions, alternatives via notes and comments.
Project Planning & Reporting
Within notes, tables with tasks, schedules, statuses and comment fields can be used to plan and monitor projects. Similarly, team reports can be maintained to track progress and identify areas of concern. These notes can then be shared with key stakeholders to ensure visibility and enable pro-active support.
Documentation & Publications
Documenting, recording or publishing requires working with ideas and material from various teams. In Ideolve, note links always display the latest copy of the note, its comments and uploaded files. This means you can create live documents where teams can gather and record information for reference, work with the best ideas or start conversations leading to final content publications.

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  • Web, Mobile access
  • Hosted on AWS, Assured Availability & Security
  • 24x7 support
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