Sharpen Collaborative Problem Solving

Power your Collaborative Workflow Management

Ideolve’s intuitive collaboration tools for business help you collaborate effectively to gain visibility of all your work, automate workflows, enhance process flow management, exception management and stay in the loop with mentions and real-time notifications.
Streamline Recruitment Process
Job application responses on Google Forms are shared via Ideolve with evaluators to record feedback, assign tasks, and collaborate over the selection process.
Delight Customers with timely, high-Quality Support.
Frontline agents logged into ticketing systems for customer support can leverage cross-functional workflow by escalating complex and exceptional issues to senior team members via Ideolve to gain quick and effective resolutions.
Enhance Compliance Postures
Compliance violations discovered during audits can be privately and securely shared via Ideolve’s exception management tools with relevant audit teams to collaborate on the review and remedial action.

Bring groups together to fuel your collaborative problem solving abilities.

Smoothen process flow management in your business apps with powerful Ideolve integrations to drive business impact.
Ideolve Integrations for simplified processes
Add Ideolve’s Creative Process Management power to your Apps with Zapier integrations. Zero code workflows with 100s of Apps.
Use APIs to share data, trigger events, and respond to strobes between your apps and Ideolve to bring alive your collaborative workflow management.
Capture Google Form responses in Ideolve to facilitate conversations on creative workflow management and exception management by your teams.
Escalate unresolved support issues to Product Management teams for remedies using the Ideolve FreshDesk integrations.
Zoho CRM
Brings presale and other groups into a customer engagement by creating a team collaboration request on Ideolve to accelerate closures.
Securely shares breach data with legal and compliance experts using Ideolve for private discussions to drive speedy resolutions.

Ideolve Business Benefits

Modern tools and add-ons to create powerful workflows that promote collaborative problem solving, creative process management, and exception management by your teams.
Faster Problem Resolutions & Response
With your whole crew on the same page in Ideolve, team responses are quicker and more effective.
Fewer & Shorter Meetings
Gathering and sharing information over Ideolve can help you reduce the number and period of meetings.
Faster Exchange of Knowledge & Learning
Ideolve helps in the co-development of ideas and plans, creating knowledge and enabling learning at a faster pace.
Continuous Improvements
The knowledge base made via team conversation in Ideolve acts as future references for improvements.
Effective Cross-Functional Collaboration
Information can be easily shared across groups enabling cross-functional team collaboration.
Documentation and Categorisation of Top Problems & Assets
In Ideolve, it is easy to tag pieces of information for classification and organization for easy future reference.
Uncluttered Mailboxes
With team collaboration moving to Ideolve, there is a 90% drop in internal email messages.
Team Engagement
Ideolve promotes a more intrinsic way to enhance collaborative task management driving deeper team engagement.

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